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Practice with Virtual Patients, save real lives.

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27 April, 3:00 PM WEST

Western European Summer Time

A step forward in Clinical Education with Virtual Patients

It is time to take a step forward in your students’ Clinical Education. How? You are wondering? Integrate Body Interact in your curriculum, provide an engaging stimulus both to your classes and to your assignments.

Join us to learn more about Virtual Patient!

Body Interact Global Network Event 2023 doctors

Global Network Schedule

27 April, 3:00 PM WEST

Western European Summer Time

03:05 PM - Introduction

03:10 PM - Adopting Virtual Patients with Body Interact in Nursing Education during COVID-19

03:30 PM - Sense and Decision-Making with Body Interact

03:50 PM - Innovation at Professional Health Education starting with Body Interact Simulator

04:00 PM - Computer Based Simulation: The Launch Pad for Student Led Learning

04:10 PM - Is Virtual Patient Simulation Superior to Human Patient Simulation?

Host: Daniela Abreu, Instructional Designer

Meet our 2023 speakers

Speakers Camila Picharillo GNE23

Camila Picharillo

BSN, RN (Health Management)

Speakers Claudia Siqueira GNE23

Claudia Regina Dias Siqueira


Speakers David Abarca GNE23

David Abarca


Speakers Gül Şahin Karaduman GNE23

Gül Şahin Karaduman

Phd, RN, Assistant Prof.

Speakers Jyoti Shrestha GNE23

Jyoti Shrestha

MSc., PGCert., BN, RN (Adult)

Speakers Lulu Sherif GNE23

Lulu Sherif


Speakers Sara Morris GNE23

Sara Morris

MEd, MA, BN, RN (Adult and Child), SFHEA

Speakers Yau Ivy GNE23

Yau Sui Yu Ivy

PhD, MBA(HSM), MNurs, PGDE, BNurs(Hons), RN, RT

Virtual Patient Simulator

About Body Interact

Body Interact is a Virtual Patient Simulator that through clinical cases built under a physiological algorithm allows current and future health professionals to develop their critical thinking and decision-making skills.

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